General Meeting Proposal Form

Proposal Pro Forma

Competition Manual and Rules

BULSCA Competition Manual 2018 - Part 1 - Competition Manual

BULSCA Competition Manual 2018 - Part 2 - Competition Events

BULSCA Competition Manual 2018 - Part 3 - Disqualification and Penalty Codes

BULSCA Competition Manual 2018 - Part 4 - Competition Forms

BULSCA Championships Rules 2018


RLSS Speeds Rules 2018

RLSS Nationals Rules 2017

Other Governance

BULSCA Constitution V2.5

BULSCA Judges Panel Guidelines V2.2

BULSCA Online Voting Procedures

BULSCA Disciplinary Procedure V1.3

Competition Finance Pack

League Competition Application Pack (2019-20)

Calculation of Results

Alterations for First Competition of Season

Officiating Pathway

SERC Writing Guidelines v2.0

Procedures for Dealing with Proposals v1.0

Competition Allocation Policy

Safeguarding Guidance

Organising a Competition

Competition Scoresheet v17.2 - Blank

Competition Speeds - Lane Template

Competition Speeds - Chief Template

SERC Setter and Judges Allocation Guidelines

Competition Finance Pack

Competition Preparation Gantt Chart

Competition Day Gantt Chart

Competition Checklist

BULSCA Quick Guide to Scoring

Judge Allocation Sheet

Organising Officials