Organising Officials

Firstly, you should send out the email asking for Judges well in advance of your competition. Contrary to popular belief, judges enjoy lives beyond university, have jobs and generally are not as flexible as you! Getting them to know the competition date well in advance will help ensure you have enough. This can be done by sending an email to the judges list, which you can access through the BULSCA systems.

Once you have some judges, it is then time to allocate them to roles. This Judge Allocation Sheet acts as a good template for all the roles you need to fill.  (Adding the names of you judges to the list of the right automatically allocates them to speed events.) It’s a good idea to get the head judge to look over this to check they are happy.

A description of the roles you need to fill are as follows….

Head Referee – Unless otherwise stated the head referee automatically occupies the additional roles of equipment scrutineer and appeals committee convenor. The head judge cannot occupy the roles of starter, head marshal, head scorer or head timekeeper.
The head judge is responsible for enforcing all BULSCA rules and decisions for the duration of the competition. They should be an experienced Judge in order to fill this role.

Deputy Referee – Takes the role of the Head Referee in any event in which they are appointed.

Starter – Responsible for controlling the start of the race. They have to decide whether the start was fair and disqualify competitors for false starts. Must be a qualified judge.

Head Marshal – The head marshal is responsible for assembling the competitors in the appropriate order prior to each event and maintaining discipline amongst competitors. They do not need to be a qualified judge.

Head Scorer – The head scorer is in charge of overall record keep, calculating of results and release of official results for competition event. Does not need to be a qualified judge but should be competent in the use of Microsoft Excel.

Head Timekeeper – The head timekeeper is responsible for assigning timekeepers to their lanes, checking stopwatch accuracy, collected official times from each time keeper and is the sole person who can direct time keepers to reset their stopwatches. They do not need to be a qualified judge.

Judges – Judges play many roles but principally are there to ensure that competition events operate fairly. From this group

Equipment Scrutineer  – Is responsible for ensuring all equipment used by competitors complies with BULSCA standards and requirements. They will arrange a programme / timetable for inspecting equipment that is being used for the events.

Appeals Committee Convenor – Shall be responsible for appointing an appeals committee to adjudicate all matters referred to the Head Referee. They may also convene a disciplinary committee if required.