Current Committee

Chair – Jamie Shone

The Chair hosts meetings of the BULSCA and general committees. Acting as a representative of BULSCA externally and of the committee internally, the chair provides a figurehead for the association.

Jamie started lifesaving at thePhoto age of 12 years old. When starting Loughborough University in 2011 he joined the lifesaving club and has
competed in BULSCA competitions ever since.  During this time he has
been on Loughborough’s committee for 4 years as a coach, become a Survive and Save instructor and BULSCA judge. He has not only gained experience from being on committee in a lifesaving club but he has also held the position of chair for 2 years for Loughborough University Formula Student Team.

In this role Jamie wants to support all clubs to make sure everyone works together, shares knowledge and achieves their goals.


Secretary – Hannah Smallwood

The Secretary provides administrative support to the committee and has particular responsibility for sourcing and editing articles for the BULSCA section of the RLSS UK Lifesavers magazine.

Hannah staPicture of merted lifesaving two years ago in her second year at the University of Nottingham. Since then she has been an active member of her club and competed in many university competitions. This year she has been the president of the University of Nottingham Lifesaving Club and has enjoyed developing the club. She looks forward to the new challenges that being BULSCA secretary will bring.




Treasurer – Rob Forster

The Treasurer has responsibility for maintaining a record of financial transactions and ensuring the committee are aware of the financial impact of any decisions taken.

image1Rob began Lifesaving in 2014 when he arrived at Loughborough University after being approached by the committee at the time. He has enjoyed competing at events all over the country including RLSS National Speeds and BULSCA Champs.

Prior to joining University, Rob was a part time lifeguard and a Rookie but had never experienced the sport aspect of the discipline. It is this transition from traditional lifeguarding to the sport competitions that he is keen to promote while on committee, as he wishes he was introduced sooner.

Being treasurer of Loughborough Lifesaving Club for the 2015/16 season has brought many challenges and he has been part of a committee that has drastically changed (and hopefully improved) the club for the coming years. He looks forward to taking on the new role and can’t wait to aid in the development of the sport.


Development Officer – Emily Goodwin

The Development Officer works in all aspects of the organisation to provide the support needed for the organisation to thrive. They do this through engaging with the membership and providing training, assistance and advice.

Ewebsitepicmily started Lifesaving in 2014 representing Loughborough University. Whilst at Loughborough, she has been on the clubs’ committee as Vice Chair where she helped expand the club by an excess of 30 members along with an extensive waiting list. In this role, Emily hopes to share her experience in recruitment with the rest of the BULSCA Universities to help increase awareness of Lifesaving as a sport and increase participation at not only BULSCA competitions, but also National and International Competitions such as RLSS Speeds and Grand Prix Moravie.



Data Manager – Harry Withers

The Data Manager acts as the league administrator and advisor to clubs. They are responsible for ensuring the maintenance the scoring and entry systems along with the implementation of the website that others provide the content for. They also provide technical support for member clubs.

committee photoAt the age of 9 Harry began lifesaving, taking his bronze medallion with Bury St. Edmunds Lifesaving Club. He parted with lifesaving before rediscovering the sport at the University of Birmingham. Since then Harry has gone on to claim both A league and National Championship titles.

Harry is about to embark on his fourth of five years at the University of Birmingham studying a Masters in Physics with Particle Physics and Cosmology with a year in Computer Science.



Championships Coordinator – Luke Peel

The Championships Coordinator oversees the organisation of BULSCA’s Student National Championships and has overall responsibility for ensuring pool hire, personnel and equipment is provided.

LukePeelLuke started lifesaving when he was at school, and has since been in many committee roles including Captain, Training Officer, Assistant Training Officer and Communications Secretary at the University of Birmingham.
He am currently the Chairman of Crawley Town Life Saving Club and has organised the Crawley Open Competition for two years, the third this year. He hopes to continue and improve upon the successes of previous BULSCA Championships.



Communications Officer – Indi Pollard

The Communications Officer is responsible for the content of the website and engaging with the public through social media.

11219015_10207155125663892_7288943996134260577_nIndi started beach lifesaving, along with surfing and swimming, when she was around 10 years old with Cottesloe Surf Lifesaving Club in Western Australia. After pursuing competitive swimming through her teens, Indi moved in the UK in 2014 to attend University of Warwick where she became a member of their Lifesaving team. She has regularly attended BULSCA competitions since then and been an active member of University of Warwick Lifesaving club, serving as the Social Secretary and Competition Co-Ordinator in 2015/16. She is a strong believer in the communication powers of social media and joined the BUSLCA committee to increase BULSCA’s online communication. In 2016/17 she will be the president of University of Warwick Lifesaving as well as sitting on BULSCA committee as Communications Officer



Welfare Officer – Chris Harper & Rachel Chambers

The welfare officer handles any concerns raised by BULSCA members relating to young people and vulnerable adults as and when they are raised.